Various Packages are made available to you. Most packages are modifiable and come with various benefits. The following is offered "a la carte" for you to choose from, to make your event an even more memorable experience.


Audio / Screen Technician Services​

  • $15 per hour if needed outside of hours negotiated.

  • Material for Audio & Screen Technicians need be made available at least 72 hours prior to your event.

Housekeeping Services

  • All agreements include general housekeeping: Vacuuming, Mopping, Dumping The Trash, Sanitizing, etc.

  • All rentals include housekeeping; should the extent of services needed extend beyond the 2 hours allotted, cost will be passed on to the client, if not discussed prior to the event.

  • Should additional services be needed... Booked at $15 per hour or based upon scope of work needed.

Parking Lot Services

  • Attendants are available to guide your guests to an available parking space and in and out of traffic.

  • $10 per hour (Booked at a minimum of 4 hours)

  • Please note: Our Attendants do not provide valet services and are not allowed to get in, drive or park your vehicles.

Musician Services

  • Musician Services are available upon request. However, prices and availability must be arranged directly with the Musician.

  • Please inquire, if this is something that's needed.

Furniture Rentals:

  • Please inquire about what's needed... i.e. 60" Round Tables Banquet Folding Chairs 

Does Not Include:

  • The following is not included: Linens, Dinnerware, Decorations