Mission Statement


The City Community Center meets the needs of the Tampa Bay Area with a focus on providing resources such as food, clothing, educational resources and materials, meeting space, empowerment workshops including classes, meetings, events, and performances.

Beyond a place to host events, The City Community Center serves as a relational hub and meeting place for both businesses and members of our community.

Our vision shall always invite people into a place of restoration and empowerment in all areas of their lives.

Provoking you towards excellence through service!


We're about making memories that last a lifetime. The City Community Center aims to provide a place for fellowship, celebrations, making of cherished memories and to provide needed resources to our community. The City of Restoration, a ministry founded  in 2006, established The City Community Center in 2019. 

We love serving and sharing our facilities with churches, other non-profits, community groups and members of our community. Those who walk the grounds of The City will always remember our extraordinary service and our dedication to top-notch service. With almost 7,000 sq ft of building space, a 4,000 sq ft multi-purpose room, an executive suite and lush gardens, The City is described as the perfect place to make lasting memories.

It's not just one building, it's two. The Main Building which serves as a meeting space for worship services throughout the week, also serves as a meeting space. With over 10,000 sq ft of building space, a 450 seating Main Auditorium, a guest suite, multiple changing rooms, grand stage, The City opens to even more options of events and hosting opportunities.

Our doors are open to your receptions, galas, banquets, concerts, birthday/anniversary celebrations, conferences, seminars, spoken word, play productions, workshops and more. 

Red Poppy

Fellowship Hall


A 5k sq ft meeting space customizable 

to your specifications.

Main Auditorium


Seating up to 450 people, this is the perfect place for your next conference, concert or meeting.

Lush Gardens


The City is nestled on 4.5 acres of lush gardens, oak trees, ferns and open space.